Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cucumber Salad

I love cucumbers dipped in ranch!! They are so good, especially when you pile pepper on them before dipping.

This picture drew me in because it looked super juicy and flavorful and like you could just eat this salad by the handful.

I made the salad with exact ingredient amounts that it said. As I was mixing, it didn't seem to be that much.

Upon mixing everything together, I took my first taste. It tasted like cucumbers with a hint of something else. A very SMALL hint. It looked and tasted nothing like the picture.

Upon closer examination, I realized the picture had ranch in it and there was no ranch in the recipe. So I guess the ranch helped add to the juicy look. And I fell for it. Completely disappointed with this one. I didn't go back and add ranch. That might have made a difference.

Deceived. Once again.


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