Friday, December 26, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Skillet Cake

As you may or may not know by now, cinnamon sugar is my favorite thing in the world. FAVORITE!

Add biscuits and I'm in heaven. Here is what I attempted...

One thing I hate about biscuits or any kind of item that comes in one of the rolly cans is the POP. Lately, 99.9% of my cans let me unroll them and they don't pop so I get a spoon, shove it in and I know when to expect the pop. I was expecting the same results this time but I started unrolling the first can and that little sucker exploded and once you have already had a baby, it's hard to control things. I'll just say it scared me. Of course for the second can, I spread my feet, bent my knees and prepared myself but it still exploded before I expected. I HATE those things!!

This recipe was so super easy but on the last two recipes I've made involving cinnamon/sugar and melted butter, I've ended up basically quadrupling the amount the recipe calls for. Either their portions are unrealistic to get the DESIRED amount of cinnamon and sugar or I'm just overzealous.

Regardless, these ended up kind of gooey so I probably could have cooked them longer than what the recipe called for but they were still yummy!!!

Normally when I make my cinnamon/sugar biscuits I just take them out of the can, dip them in melted butter, dip them in the cinnamon/sugar and put them in a cake pan and they all sorts of rise up into heavenly dough balls of perfection. So this is a little more complicated/Pinteresty way to do what I normally do so I will probably stick with my old method because it's a million times easier.