Friday, November 27, 2015

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Aside from my intense love affair with anything cinnamon sugar, I am a fan of peanut butter. I am also a fan of chocolate. I am also a fan of pancakes. I saw this pin where pancakes, chocolate and peanut butter were ONE. I knew I just had to give it a shot. Here is the picture that drew me in like a fly to honey...

Just, wow.

That peanut butter dripping off the edges, those chocolate chips hanging on for dear life, I could smell it.

The ingredients were normal things that people usually have on hand. However, I did need to buy the almost breeze milk. When I was at the store, ready to check it off my list, I looked at the price and decided that my two week old 2% milk would suffice. 

While mixing everything together, I kept re-reading because I was missing the part where the chocolate chips went into the batter. I read, and read and read and there was no mention of dropping those bad boys in. It wasn't until I kept reading that I realized the chocolate chips are simply a garnish for the top when I first plop down the dough. No. I poured about half the bag into the batter. 

It was time to cook so I poured my first four pancakes. I could smell the peanut butter. I'm not sure if it was the peanut butter from the batter or the mound of peanut butter I was inhaling off of an oversize spoon while cooking the batter. Either way, it smelled delicious. I decided to make a few mini pancakes for my 4 year old while I waited. Those were done quick and I rushed them into my little vacuum and told him to try a bite. He did. He immediately spit it out and said "Ew mommy."

That should have been clue #1. However, I just chalked it up to him being rude. Half the batter was done and I had 8 pancakes. I just couldn't wait for the whole package to try one. I took a huge bite. I took another huge bite. I caught myself staring into space while I was chewing, wondering what the heck kind of nastiness was in my mouth. There was no way. These can't be gross! There is peanut butter! There is chocolate! These are DISGUSTING!

I had a hail mary though. I would top my pile with melted peanut butter like the picture showed. I should have just sprinkled it back and forth but something came over me and I just dumped the whole bowl on top. Here was my final product...

Where are the pancakes, you might ask? Oh, they're there. You can kind of see the outline of the last one. I truly thought that the peanut butter topping would save the taste. Instead, eating this was what I imagine a dog feels like while licking peanut butter.

No joke. That was me. I gave up. I threw my masterpiece away, as well as the other half of the batter and waited until lunch. Kids, don't try this at home. Even WITH adult supervision.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


My latest disaster ended up on the Pinstrosity blog. Here is the link.

Some other disasters I've had end up on Pinstrosity are this, this and this!

My husband texted me the other day and said that my cherry cup disaster was in an MSN article. I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!

Sure enough! They did an article on Pinterest fails and my submission to Pinstrosity was featured.

Check it out!