Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hawaiin Sweet Roll Ham Sammies

This one looked easy and interesting so I tried it.

Let me warn you. These are good. These are very good. These are so good that you think you're eating a mini ham and cheese sandwich so you just keep eating the mini ham and cheese sandwiches but after a while, you realize "HOLY CRAP! I'VE JUST EATEN 12 ROLLS!!!"

800-651-6000 <----------- Weight Watchers.

These are perfect for game days, lunches, or get togethers but not for dinner unless you have 2 or so side dishes with it.

That's all the time I have folks, I have a cranky kid...



  1. I do not like hawiiaan sweet rolls and I do not like ham sandwiches and I LOVED these! A must have! We did them for my sister's winter wedding (lots of christmasy finger food) and I think they were the favorite dish!

    1. That just goes to show that these things are the BOMB!!