Sunday, October 28, 2012

Apple Pie Breakfast

Ok people, I have a treat!! And a tasty treat this is.

If you enjoy the taste of....well....nothing, then this delicious recipe is for you!!

I take that back. It has a taste. I will give it that much credit. It tastes like glorified cardboard. Cardboard with a hint of apple and cinnamon. And by a "hint", I mean not enough to save my mouth from the abomination that entered it.

I know that people have all sorts of disabilities but I was unaware that not having taste buds was one of them. The poor lady who came up with this recipe just is missing out on so much yumminess and I am so sad for her.

But I am even more sad that this recipe put a damper on my super excited mood. This made the house smell SO good. Yankee Candle good. It just put you in one of those Martha Stewart, apron wearing, cupcake making, smile having moods even though once again, I was wearing clothes with snot and slobber on them, no makeup, chapped lips, and dirty socks. But I was happy. WAS.

Back to the drawing board for breakfast tomorrow...

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