Sunday, October 7, 2012

Recipe Scrapbook

I saw a really cute idea about doing a cookbook in a binder. As of right now, I have a cute little recipe box and each time I find a new recipe, I write it by hand on the little card and stick it in the section it belongs.

BUT, since I've been trying so many new recipes lately, I have too many recipes to write down sooooo I thought I would give this recipe book thing a try and I FINALLY got a format down that I love! I will share it just in case anyone wants to go along with this genius idea.

And the good news is I've already done the hard part. It was ridiculously hard to make this format! Here is what it looks like...

So I am going to decorate a binder and be a little Martha Stewart! If you feel like jumping in the wagon, I will email you the format. Email ME at and I will send it to you! HAPPY COOKING!!

The original idea...

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