Saturday, September 29, 2012

Double Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

I decided to hop onto and look up synonyms for "disgusting".

-filled with loathing
-make one sick

and my favorite...

- offend morals of.

These cookies offended me and my taste buds. You throw words like "double", "chocolate" and "cookies" together in one title and the unsuspecting consumer expects great things to happen in their mouth.

I don't even think my poop eating German Shepherd would eat these.

SOME of it might be my fault but not enough to "offend my morals". The recipe calls for dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips. Well, the store didn't have dark chocolate chips so I used semi-sweet and the only cocoa powder I had was probably regular old Hershey's cocoa? It's kind of been sitting in there for God knows how many years (yes, I just said years) so it might even be a knockoff brand. I didn't think this would be enough to ruin my day though. But these cookies ruined my day.

I followed the recipe and once I formed the dough into a "log", I have to admit that Husband and mine's (is that proper English??) maturity went out the window for a few minutes. Sometimes adults just need a good giggle and we sure did get one.

After we grew back up, we had to wait an hour for the dough to harden enough to slice into cookies. I'm just about speechless on this one. These cookies were so nasty. I would only recommend these for those people you secretly hate but have to be nice to for whatever reason.

If you are feeling evil...

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