Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parmesan Honey Pork Roast

First thing's first. I hate pork roast. I've never liked it.


I like parmesan, honey, soy sauce, and garlic AND Husband loves pork roast so I gave this recipe a shot.

Well, to be correct, I gave it two shots. First try, kind of ruined it. So let me begin.

When you mix everything to pour over the roast, the smell is like unicorns dancing in fields of rainbows and care bears. Top 5 best smells ever. I put the crockpot on low and waited and while I waited, my HOUSE smelled like unicorns dancing in fields of rainbows and care bears. After about 5 hours, it kind of started to smell like someone took a blowtorch to a unicorn. I checked on it only to find that half of my juice was now black from being burned and my roast was as dry and hard as a rock. I know that some ovens cook different but do crockpots cook different?! Didn't matter because it was too late. Not going to quit now.

To thicken the sauce, I had to pour it into a pan and add cornstarch and water. Sadly, my "juice" was like coal. It just kinda plopped into the pan and the cornstarch and water just emphasized how nasty it was. But again, I wasn't going to quit. Yet I could see the disappointment and curiousity in Husband's eyes. I sliced the pork, about broke the knife, and poured my coal on top.

I know I am loved. I know I am loved so much because even though it really did look and smell disgusting, Husband slowly opened his mouth and took a bite. I'm staring at him...

"Is it good honey?"


The end.

Ok, not really because I tried this recipe again and NAILED IT!!! DEEEEEELICIOUS!!! This is a must for your weekly menu. Just keep an eye on the temp as it cooks or you will, and I repeat, you WILL ruin it. And if you have a husband anything like mine, hopefully they will eat it regardless.

And as usual, the original looks 10 times better than mine but I try.


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