Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Dip

This was an interesting creation. Before I opened up the cool whip, I told myself I should have just stuck it in the freezer and then devoured it like ice cream and made this recipe later. But then I looked at my butt and realized that small portions here and there would be a better option.

This recipe didn't come with portions so I had to fly by the seat of my pants and PRAY this would be something edible. And by edible I guess I meant that it would end up all over my face, arms, lap and on various walls throughout the house but I will get to that later.

I bought the big container of cool whip, added one serving cup of vanilla jello, forgot to add cinnamon (of course) and a whole can of pumpkin. By this point, it was bursting out the top of my bowl because I severely miscalculated a good mixing bowl size. I would have put the dip in a pumpkin like the picture but the only pumpkin I had laying around was old and decrepit so that wasn't going to happen.

After tasting it, I wished I had not added all the pumpkin but it was still ok. I tried it with a Nilla Wafer and it was on. Delicious!!! It was SO on that I convinced Husband to come in the kitchen and try one and that is where things went down hill.

As a busy married couple with a young child, you have to try to find the funny things in life. So when Husband had his wafer topped with dip in his hand, I thought it would be hilarious to knock it out of his hand. Well, I somehow ended up making the dip fly in the air and land on my arm instead, all while he still held the cookie. That was ridiculous and I wasn't having it so I tried, and semi achieved, to smear it on his head and such. He apparently has ninja stealth skills because before I knew it, his hand was in the dip and it was on my face.

Ok, so hahaha, right? Truce? Sure. As I was leaning into the kitchen sink, giggling, and wiping off the dip on my face, here comes the spatula COVERED in dip and it slams into my face and in my hair and then it was ON!!!!

I was chunking it here and there trying to splatter him, all while baby is cracking up in the highchair, Husband is keeled over in laughter (like a little girl) and I am now dripping with dip. I was able to chase him in the bathroom and land a shot but by now there was dip all over my kitchen, on the floor, on the walls, in the bedroom and in the bathroom....nothing was spared.

So was the dip good? Sure. But the memory is the sweetest part.

I even added a few wafer chunks for visual effect. It totally worked.


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