Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cinnamon Sugar Pizza

As you may or may not know, cinnamon sugar is my favorite thing on the face of the Earth. I also love crescent rolls, and of course I love powdered sugar. So basically my diet consists of carbs and sugar. Totally healthy.

I knew that even if I messed this recipe up (which was slim), I would still love it. And guess what I did. I messed up. Are you shocked?

It started simple enough. With my experience with the these, I didn't pile on the butter mixture on top but I put enough to make magic. The directions say to let them cook 8-10 minutes and make the glaze in the meantime. Well when you have a 1 year old, there is nowhere to run, hide, rest, or do anything you need/want. During these 8-10 minutes, my wonderful child required my full attention and when he didn't get it, he threw a god awful flailing tantrum so I got a little side tracked. And guess who forgot about the crescent rolls? Yep.

Oh well. They were a wee bit crispy. No big deal. On to the glaze!!! I butchered this when I tried it with the crescent roll ups but second time is a charm. In fact, that's a lie. The fourth time is a charm.

I kept remembering flour from the recipe. Flour flour flour. So as I was making the glaze, I softened my butter and added the flour. I stirred and stirred and kept thinking "Geeeeeeeeeez, this is so dang thick!!! LOOSEN UP!!!". I stirred and stirred and stirred.......and gave up. I was going to start again with melted butter. So I put the flour and butter together and stirred and stirred and stirred............and guess what? I was supposed to be mixing butter and powdered sugar together. I started the glaze a third time and was so miffed with myself that I made it, it looked nice and thick and I was so ready to plop it on the burnt crescent rolls that I forgot the vanilla and milk.

So I had burnt crescent rolls, foiled and unfinished glaze and a hungry husband. I am such a winner wife.

They were still delicious though!!! I totally finished them off.

Worth a try!

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