Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cranberry Breakfast Cookie

It's official folks!!! I am NO LONGER trying any Pinterest oatmeal recipes!! I get way too excited and end up moping around for the rest of the week because the recipe didn't turn out like I had hoped.

The failures have been so nasty, like this one, or this gem, that I'm done. And there is the treat I have for you tonight, total fail.

I've had one winner, and it was the winner of a lifetime, and I will feel lucky that the oatmeal deities showered me with this gift.

Tonight's loser made me think that I might have a turnaround. Even though this recipe contains my arch nemesis- bananas, I thought I could handle it. The ingredients took 30 seconds to mix and about 2 minutes to plop on the pan. The pan that I forgot to spray.


They smelled really good while they were cooking and as I'm sure you can guess, when they were done, I had to rip them apart to get them off the foil. Time moved in slow motion as I moved this delicacy to my mouth.....took a bite.....tasted a craisin (mmmmmmmmmmm) and then I tasted everything else and my whole body just sagged with depression. Not that great. The ONLY thing that saved these "cookies" from being on my s-list is the craisins. Those were pretty tasty.

Husband's response was "Eh." so that's when I know it's a failure. So I'll probably pout until Wednesday when I try a new recipe.

There is no link, just a picture that fakes you out.

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