Monday, March 11, 2013

Rainbow Cake

It's spring break!! That means I have no science to teach, no getting up early, no fixing my hair (because THAT'S fun), and baby went to daycare so I'M FREEEEEE!!! So my question is....are you ready for this?

I decided to dig into my Pinterest board titled "Fun looking FOOD!", which you can follow here to see what I might come up with next. Also, I created a new board about what I'll be blogging about soon so if you want to see what I've been up to, you can follow that here.

I've had the rainbow cake on there since about day 1 of Pinterest and thought I would give it a try to celebrate having a life for a week. Totally worthy of rainbows!! I checked out the ingredients....

1. white cake
2. sprite
3. vanilla pudding
4. food coloring
5. whipped icing

I thought "Sprite and pudding! Wow! This will be an awesome recipe!!". When I went to the store, I decided to buy two cakes because the picture just looked like more than one box of cake and since I apparently like to do things my way, instead of what I should do, I used two.

I tried really hard to follow the directions word for word. I learned from the cake box that hey, pudding was already in it! Awesome. What about the Sprite? I couldn't find anywhere in the directions where Sprite would be used in the recipe. I couldn't find how much batter to separate into separate bowls to color. I couldn't find how much food coloring to put into each bowl.

Basically I couldn't figure out anything. That's probably because the directions were in Chinese.

Since I was winging it, I decided to use 1 and a half boxes of cake batter, because that's what it LOOKED like. I scooped a cup and a half of batter into each of the six bowls and followed the directions on the food color box about how to get all the colors.

At this point in the day, it was 5:45 and baby hadn't taken a nap earlier and he was being quite grumpy and had fallen asleep at 5:30. So I was thinking "Well, wonderful. If I'm going to have to be up until midnight with him, I'll sure be glad I have a whole cake to myself to stay happy."

I took great care to layer all the colors in the cakes pans. And since I wasn't going to use the Sprite, I drank it. In order to layer, I just scooped half the batter into the pan, then scooped another half of another color right on top of it.

I had some cake batter left so I decided to make little mini cupcakes for my wonderful child for when he woke up. I had seen on Pinterest a marbling technique so I decided to dab some green on top and marble them before cooking. They turned out kinda cute!

When the cakes were done, I pulled them out and realized that I probably shouldn't have used so much batter. They were raised quite high in the middle but one of them was just obnoxiously tall. So I got creative and squished it as it cooled with one of my sweet trivets from World Market.

In the meantime, I cooked dinner. Not a Pinterest recipe, but delicious anyway. At this point, I had tried two things I had seen on Pinterest. But I wasn't done!!!! I had seen where someone took a cookie cutter and filled it with sprinkles to make a shape out of sprinkles. I thought I would try this. I didn't have any good defining shapes as good as a number two so I used a heart. Actually, I DID have a good defining shape but once again, I got it at my bachelorette party and that's all I need to say about that...

This has potential! Great idea. Ok, so the cake was done and frosted and now I just needed to cut into it to see if this would be a disaster or a miracle. I am thrilled to say that it was a...


I was so proud of myself! Husband was giving baby a bath and I flew in there with my piece of cake and said "LOOK!! HOW COOL IS THIS!!" only to be rewarded with a semi sarcastic "WHOA!". 

Three successful Pinterest ideas in one night. Now I just have a whole freaking cake sitting around the house with only one person to eat it. 

Pictures are universal...

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