Sunday, March 31, 2013

Multi-Colored Eggs

How cute would striped eggs be?! As a grandma would say, "Just darling!".

Due to Baby getting sick right before going out of town, the roles had to be reversed and Ma came into town instead. It was Easter weekend so I decided to get into the Easter spirit and dye some eggs. When I clicked on the link from Pinterest to get the instructions, it took me to a page that didn't have this picture on it. It had other Easter stuff but not this activity. Therefore I had to wing it and we all know what happens when I wing it...

First of all, from the picture, I couldn't tell if the eggs were peeled or not. I left the shell on my eggs. I used the closest version of glasses I had of the original picture. As you can see here...

I started out by making the purple, orange, mint green and rose red colors from the directions on the  food coloring box. 26red 14 blue, etc. and did the last two glasses red and green. After getting the color in the glass, I added 1 tablespoon of water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After each 10 minute interval, I added a tablespoon of water until the whole egg was submerged. This took about 4 "layers" of water so I was hoping for 4 beautiful layers.

The first problem I encountered was the egg not wanting to stay upright. As you can see in the front left glass, the egg just gave up and fell over. Quick death. The more water I added, the less the eggs stood up. The second problem was in the middle of my experiment, I looked at the box of food coloring and noticed that I was using the increments for white cake mix. The next column on the box was for white frosting and lo and behold, the last column had increments for "egg dye" and the amount needed was waaaaaaay different from cake mix. Obviously.

Wonderful. Just another reason I messed this up. I had that failure instinct before I was even done with this. Shall we see what the final outcome was?

Pretty right?! The one on the left even looks like JUPITER!! And the cracks? Beautiful. Not at all what they were supposed to look like.

And you know, there are days where I think I'm inbred. I knew I was going to be doing 2 boiled egg Pinterest experiments. This was one, and the second was colored deviled eggs. I was thinking that I will need eggs for this, and more eggs for the deviled eggs so I bought a ton of eggs. I'm sure any other lawfully conceived person would have thought that I could just use the boiled eggs from THIS project. Duh.

So I decided to go ahead and use these eggs. I started peeling them and was in for a wonderful surprise! The underneath was like finding a diamond in the rough!! Check it out...

The purple one is so veiny!! 

I thought that even though this Pinterest experiment failed on the outside, it turned out to be pretty sweet on the inside. But as pretty and cool as these were, I wasn't able to use them for my colored deviled eggs so lucky for me, I had backup eggs :)

And my colored deviled eggs are worth the view, so come back soon and I'll have that post up!! Happy Easter everyone!

I tried...

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