Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies

I saw this and thought "For the love of God! A healthy cookie with chocolate and peanut butter!! Alas! My fair maiden has arrived!"

After having tried two or three recipes from the six sisters and LOVED them, I was oober excited to try these even though I had sworn off oatmeal recipes. I have yet to have a positive experience with a Pinterest oatmeal recipe.

I figured applesauce, chocolate and peanut butter could salvage this. But unfortunately, these were such a disappointment that I pouted the rest of the day. Yes, the whole day. I build my emotions up so much with recipes like this and the letdown is devastating. Baby tried to play with me and I just crossed my arms, huffed and stomped off.

Not really. I didn't stomp off. I'm not that immature.

These were so gross I didn't even take a picture.

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