Saturday, November 24, 2012

400 Calorie Breakfasts

"10 morning meals that will keep you full 'til lunch"

Best line of false advertising I have ever been fooled by!!

As a teacher, and a mommy to a little one, I get up early. Therefore I eat early. By lunch, 11:00, I'm usually ready to gnaw my own arm off. So I thought I would give this article a try.

I needed something quick and easy, and something that sounded tasty so that removed about 9 out of the 10. But since I love peanut butter and green bananas (but not together), I tried that one. I branched out and actually put the banana ON the peanut butter slathered english muffin. For the first time trying it, it wasn't bad. I didn't do the blueberries because I don't like blueberries.

So far, success. I felt full. 7:00 rolls around, doing good. 8:00, still doing ok but starting to envision buffalo wings. 9:00, getting hungry....oh no. 9:30, it's official...I'm hungry. 10:00, don't get near me, i'm starving and cranky. By 10:15, I was about to go into full zombie mode, tearing apart my students and screaming "BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!!!"

As a science teacher, I think this would have been acceptable.

Regardless, I was hungrier than I've ever been in my life and I was so weak with hunger that I could barely open my mouth to talk. I was dragging my arms on the ground, moaning incomprehensible vocabulary words, and drooling onto the heads of my kids.

When 11:00 rolled around, I got this massive burst of energy, pushed all my kids out of the way, sprinted to the lunch room, jumped the counter to the lunch lady side and chowed down.

Ok, that part isn't true.

"10 morning meals that will keep you full 'til lunch"?? Total crap.

Lie. All lies.

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