Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicken Artichoke Lasagna

Last night started out like any other. Husband came home, baby was in a good mood and it was time for mommy to cook dinner. I bought all the ingredients for this recipe last grocery trip but apparently things seem to get used before they make it to their true destination. But regardless, this chicken artichoke lasagna was ON THE MENU! Bring it.

I love foreshadowing so I will do a little foreshadowing for you. I was giving baby a bath while husband was eating. I asked husband how it tasted and he said 'I took one bite and that was it.". Oh.

1. It helps to have all the ingredients.
2. It helps to buy the RIGHT ingredients.
3. It helps to include all the ingredients you DO have :)

Let me explain why this dish that originally looked so tasty was a complete disaster.

I didn't have milk, or mozzarella cheese so that caused a problem. I used what little monterrey jack I had but that didn't cut it.  I saw the price of the "sun dried tomatoes packed in oil" and thought "psh, yeah right, I'll just get these dried sun dried tomatoes for half the price and feel like a bargain shopper." Mistake. BIG mistake. Sooooooo...

1. I didn't use milk.
2. I used the wrong cheese and not enough cheese.
3. I used a third of the tomatoes called for because trying to cut those hard suckers was impossible so I gave up.
4. I totally forgot the basil.
5. My finished product looked and tasted like crap.

My bad, husband, my bad

I'm so embarrassed.

If you don't want to take my word for it, try it yourself...

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