Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homemade Gummy Snacks

As an avid fan of Finding Nemo and Spiderman gummy snacks, I wanted to try this homemade version to see if they could compete. Well folks, Nemo has some competition now.

These were super duper easy to make and the flavor combinations are endless!! The only problem with the recipe is she says to use two envelopes of gelatin. Well "gelatin", or JELLOOOOOOO, comes in two sizes. tiny and jumbo. So which one to use, I struggled with this decision for about 2 minutes. I had tiny AND jumbo!! I didn't want to mess it up!! I opted for the tiny. You might say "ummmmm, it SAYS one envelope is 2 1/2 tsps!!". Yes. Yes it does, but the box says ounces, not teaspoons and I am not about to do that conversion in my head.

The recipe calls for fruit juice and mixed berries but it requires applesauce. So since the apple flavor was already in it, I used apple juice, frozen berry blend (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry) and cherry "gelatin". That seems like such a granny word to me. It was a fruit explosion in my mouth. The strawberries tasted like strawberries, the raspberries tasted like raspberries, THE SNOZBERRIES TASTED LIKE SNOZBERRIES!!

In the end, they held together well and were all jiggly like jello but not super firm like my Finding Nemo snacks. Husband gave one to baby and he just squished it in his hand. My final verdict is that I WILL make these again, I will probably just use more closely related flavors. Let me think of some combinations that go good with apple...

1. Cherry jello with cherries and apple juice
2. Strawberry jello with strawberries, apple juice and maybe PEACHES!! Oh em gee.
3. Ok, too much thinking but you get the idea.

My only gripe is that in the original picture, the gummies look so thick and enticing but I used an 8x8 pan like she said and mine were not anywhere NEAR that thick and decadent. So I think she doubled the recipe for effect and didn't tell anybody. So deceitful.

Regardless, mine are pretty, right?!

Whatever                                                                                  Mine look better!!

Here is the link!

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