Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

I attempted the impossible today! Yep, I attempted these pinwheel Dr. Suess cookies and they were impossible.



Let me start with the best part. Baby was napping so Husband decided to help out (all he really did was lick the bowl but it was fun anyway).

The directions were very clear, very easy to understand and read.

Step 1- mix the ingredients according to the package. So I did.

Step 2- divide the batter into 5 different bowls and add the food coloring. So I did. Have you read that article about food coloring being cancerous?? I never want to eat anything in America again. Read the article here.

Step 3- roll each color dough into grape size balls.

Or not.

This is where I encounter problem #1. As you can see, rolling isn't happening. There were no directions about chilling the dough (which would have made sense) or slathering my hands in butter so it wouldn't stick. Nope. Just good old fashioned rolling. BUT....I rolled with it and added my other colors.

Step 4? 5?- Roll the ball between your hand and the counter until you have a cylinder about 12" long.

Nailed it!

I was then supposed to roll that cylinder of dough into a coil. Um, impossible. Quite literally impossible. BUT...I kept on.

I made the cookie, and I dipped the edge in the sprinkles, exactly like the recipe said to do. Verbatim.

Yep. Followed directions.

I sure did plop that thing on the cookie sheet. As distraught as I was that my pinwheels were very obviously not going to happen, I wasn't going to let the cookie dough go to waste. So Husband gave me the great idea of just joining all the colors together again and having multicolored cookies. At least they would be pretty. So I did.

Upon getting the cookie on the cookie sheet, I figured that since I already dipped cookie dough in the sprinkles that I should use them ALL. I looked Husband straight in the face, paused, and uttered my final cookie words.


He said that was dumb.

Those stupid little things are all over my kitchen. Bad call on my part.

Unfortunately, the sprinkles didn't stay as condensed as I would have liked when they were done. And the cookies looked half horrible.

Soooooooooo would I recommend you make these? No. But in the comment section of this link, there are people that are all like "Oh! Mine turned out great!". Whatever.

Oh well!

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