Monday, June 3, 2013

Cinnamon Toast the Pioneer Woman Way

Who doesn't love the Pioneer Woman?? I have one of her cook books. And who doesn't LOVE cinnamon toast?

I guess the answer to both of those questions

When I saw the pictures of the stick of butter, the mounds of sugar and the amount of cinnamon, I really thought I was in for the jackpot of all cinnamon toast. Add the secret ingredient of vanilla, GENIUS!! I can't remember if I added nutmeg or not. I wish I did remember because it might be the reason I hated this so much.

I know what cinnamon toast is supposed to taste like. I'm ok with a little variation but THIS was not the variation. First, the toast was still super soggy. Second, the taste was just waaaaaaaay off. This stuff wasn't even in the realm of cinnamon toast anymore. It was in some other realm called "freaking nasty". Husband wasn't too fond of it either.

If neither of us like it, it's a bust.

Cry me a river of wasted cinnamon and sugar!!!

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