Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ranch Dipped Pork Chops

Another deceiving picture on Pinterest. These pork chops looks so crispy!! They are also captioned as the best pork chops you will ever eat. They obviously haven't tried the crock pot pork chops with ranch.

I did learn something new with this recipe. I learned about roasting racks. In the past, when I've tried to cook breaded anything, it was always soggy on the bottom so I quit making that stuff. I never knew roasting racks existed. GENIUS idea!!!

So I skipped to the store to get a roasting rack. While I was down that aisle, I curled my lips over my teeth, hunched over and was hitting my fingertips together in excitement as I searched for the perfect one!! The only one they had was ghetto but I got it anyway.

All you had to do was mix the dry ingredients, dip the pork chop in ranch, dip it into the mixture and place on the roasting rack.

I cooked them for the time it said but mine were not the least bit crispy. Even though the chops were done, the outside was still a little soggy. What the heck was the roasting rack for then?!?!?!

So they were ok. The chops didn't have much flavor, the only flavor came from the bread mixture. But I had faith in this recipe so I cooked it again a week or so later. I decided to leave them in the oven for about 10 more minutes to get that crispy look and taste.

Second verdict? Bleh. Same results.

Husband thought they were descent and wanted me to keep the recipe but little does he know that I didn't.


Chop it up...

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