Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mimosa Sorbet

To celebrate school being out, I decided that Husband and I needed to have a little drinky drink!! If you really know me, and there are a lucky few who do, you would know that I very very VERY rarely drink alcohol.

#1- I hate the taste (usually, I didn't seem to hate it the other night when I had too much of it and my coworkers will forever have text message proof )

#2- I don't handle alcohol well. Guess you could say I'm a "lightweight".

#3- I really embarrass myself. I will end the topic there.

BUT, I thought I would give it another shot because I love orange sherbert and despite my hatred of champagne, I figured it would be tasty.

Here is the picture on Pinterest...

 The caption on Pinterest says "Champagne and orange sorbet, perfect summer mimosa!"

So I said "Ok! Orange sherbert and champagne it is!!", sent Husband to get champagne and after baby went to bed, we started to have a party! Our party consisted of Phase 10.

On my first sip, I hated it. EWWWWWWWWWW!!! Of course Husband was all "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" 

Champagne is nasty. I told myself that the melting sherbert would save it. I suffered through for a few minutes but it didn't get any better. Few more minutes, nothing.

I ended up just scooping the sherbert out with my finger and eating it.

Now this is where things get ridiculous. I just went to the link from Pinterest to copy the picture and looked at the website this is on for the first time. There is actually a RECIPE!! What the heck?!?

Here is what I was SUPPOSED to have:

-orange marmalade
-orange zest
-orange juice
-lemon juice

Nowhere in this recipe is there sherbert. I want to get crunk on whoever captioned this pin because they really screwed me over.


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