Monday, June 10, 2013

Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

First of all, does anyone else struggle with cooking lasagna noodles? Am I the only idiot that can't do it without ruining half of them?

With that said, the recipe called for 9 noodles but I put in 11 or 12 because I'm ridiculous and knew I would screw up, which I did. But I ended up having enough whole noodles to make this recipe.

This lady recommends making homemade alfredo sauce. If I had the time or energy, I probably would have but I decided to go with a favorite...Classico. Their alfredo sauce is the bomb. As far as cheese of my choosing, I went with mozarella.

Putting this together was a little bit time consuming, but there were no major mishaps (which is starting to be unfortunate because I'm getting so good at cooking that I have nothing fun to share!!!!), and the cooking time was reasonable.

I served this with cubed and grilled zucchini, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

The final verdict? Husband- "This is the best dinner we've had in a while."

Yes, folks. 10 out of 10. This might trump the herb chicken, or maybe tie. This was so so so good. The lady who came up with this recipe deserves a high five!

Give this one a try!!

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