Monday, June 10, 2013

Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies

There's NOOOO getting around it. I "fudged" this one up!! Get it? :)

This did not go as planned. At all. By any means. Huge mess. Huge disaster but I covered it up like a pro!

When it came time to pour the brownie batter in, you had two options. Parchment paper, or spray. I chose spray because I've never used parchment paper, plus I didn't have any. So I sprayed the crap out of that 8x8.

I'm wishing I had used parchment paper (are you taking notes?) because when it was time to get the brownies out of the pan, I assumed I could just turn them over and they would plop out onto the cooling rack, kind of like a cake does (are you laughing at me??). After all, I sprayed quite a bit beforehand. Did that happen? No. I turned them over and they just stayed in the pan. I gave it a little wiggle. Nothing.

Hm. I was taking most of these to my daycare so I wanted them to look pretty. I didn't want to put the caramel on top and THEN cut them out because the caramel would just be everywhere. Plus I wanted little bit size pieces. So I tried something else...and failed....quite miserably....

Ok, so only about half the brownies got butchered to the point of not being able to gift them. BUT my idea was still a possibility. I thought I would be smart and pour the caramel on top of them while on a rack and still easily cut them. It kinda worked...

Not bad!! Now as far as cutting them into small pieces, well, that just got ugly but I semi accomplished it. They weren't perfect little squares like I had hoped but life isn't perfect, and neither were these.

I wouldn't recommend trying to get small pieces with this recipe. Just doesn't work. As far as taste, it wasn't bad. The salt completely threw my mouth off. It was confused. Pretzels weren't as crunchy as I thought they would be. But give it a shot and see if you can do better!!


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