Monday, June 17, 2013

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

I have never had a weight watchers meal before. I am not on any kind of diet program but I figured as popular as weight watchers is, that this meal was probably pretty good. It has a bunch of the good ingredients that make up all sorts of yummy dishes.

As with most crockpot recipes, you just dump everything in and wait. It smelled delicious!!

Oh how the smells of the kitchen can be deceiving. Believe it or not, this dish had very little flavor in the end despite all the flavored ingredients and it was SO boring. So boring in fact that I didn't even finish it. Husband said it was "Eh, ok" and the leftovers (and there were a ton) just sat in the fridge all sorts of lonely until I threw them out because they were taking up space.

The good news is that I got to use the leftover rice for another recipe that ended up being repulsive.

I do not recommend this meal unless you're boring :)

On to the next one...

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