Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sour Cream Cinnamon Roll Pancakes With Maple Coffee Glaze

What a delicious sounding title!! I love...

Sour cream- check
Cinnamon- check
Pancakes- check
Maple syrup- check
Coffee- double check

Although the pictures show that this might be easy to make, I had an awful experience that I am going to show in a series of pictures. I am going to show what each step SHOULD have looked like, and what mine looked like. I will be telling my wonderful story along the way. I hope you halfway enjoy.

I mixed the ingredients for the pancake batter in my mixer. It was thick BUT...

"The pancake batter will be nice and thick, this is good."

If you say so! Here we go.

Her pancakes are all smooth and pretty on the griddle after the batter is dropped on. Mine were big clumps that didn't spread out because the batter was so thick, so I tried to flatten them and spread them out with my spatula but the batter just stuck to it. It was messy from the get go. Then it was time to pour the cinnamon mixture onto the pancakes. I got a little excited and I guess made the hole in the bag too big :)


Totally not pretty. At all. I let them cook the amount they needed and then I flipped them and THAT was not pretty either. Let me show you...

I have no explanation as to how they got this way. They just exploded!! Husband told me to trim the excess off, so I did and that salvaged the look a little bit. Upon turning them over, I was expecting to see the semi descent cinnamon "clumps" (so much for swirls). Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. This is what I got...


I was so sad that her pancakes looked a million times better than mine. I stood there and thought of ways that I could fix this for round 2.

1- Try a little bit smaller scoop of batter
2- Cut a much smaller hole in the cinnamon bag
3- Pray for a miracle

I will let you be the judge for round 2...

As you can see, I started giving up towards the end

Another fail

Sad day. My hopes for this recipe came crashing down into a huge ball of cinnamon fury. I told Husband that I might have to cook another breakfast Pinterest recipe. He said "Let's just try them." so I piled them on a plate, added the maple glaze and we dug in.


I may have butchered the way it was supposed to look but holy lord they tasted delicious!! After about 10 minutes, I got a pretty bad tummy ache though. I'm sure it was because of all the sugar. But it was worth it. The batter recipe is to die for so I will be making these again. Better luck next time.

Check it out for yourself...

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