Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cheesy Potato Gratin

Let me start with something that really chapped my hiney with this recipe...

I spent $10 on the fancy cheese!! $10 on cheese alone. I'm thinking "this better be the best freaking potato recipe in the history of potato recipe making." At the same time, I thought that since this is a Williams Sonoma recipe, then of COURSE it's going to be good.

Shall I start at the beginning?

So I was following directions (for a change) and was doing just fine. I got the butter in, the shallot, flour, chicken stock, cream and now it was time for the cheese.

Expensive cheese #1- Gruyere, imported from Italy (ooooooooooooh)

I started grating it with my awesome saladmaster grater and as I was going along, I grabbed a chunk to throw in my mouth, out of habit. You know in the movies when the wife is all cute in her apron, dancing, looking all suave while cooking dinner and putting this and that in her mouth? I was going for that effect (minus the apron, dancing and looking suave). Regardless, I popped some cheese in my mouth and immediately paused where I was.







I literally tasted the smell of dirty feet. I pulled the cheese out of my mouth, swished the taste around and again and confirmed that this cheese tasted like smelly feet. I took a big whiff and about gagged at the rancidity of the smell. This was supposed to be FANCY cheese?! Gag. But I continued, just without any more taste tests.

I continued following directions and then added the second fancy cheese, which wasn't as rancid as the first, but wasn't amazing. I had a nightmare experience with this cheese before so I bought pre-shredded.

Which really makes me question, if this cheese is not that great, WHY is it so expensive?

ANYWAY, the potatoes got cooked according to the directions. And you know the verdict? Not that fancy. Husband said "I don't see what the big deal is" and I agreed. They tasted like potatoes. Totally not worth $10 worth of cheese.

Especially not worth the shock of putting dirty feet in my mouth. Not at all.


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