Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conversation Heart Cheesecake

This was my first attempt making cheesecake and I think I did a darn good job! I had no idea what really went into cheesecake, I just knew it was good. And that I could devour a whole cheesecake myself.

This recipe comes with another poop story. I will just start with the original idea. Here is what I was going for...

How cute are those??

I had to modify a few things. First off, I wasn't going to special order heart molds. I wasn't THAT serious about this recipe. Instead, I went to hobby lobby and got flower molds. Same thing.

Making the recipe was super easy and super tasty. I could have eaten all the graham crackers/melted butter in one mouthful. MMMMMM. Following directions was easy so I put the crust in and topped with different colored fillings.

You were supposed to have a roasting rack to "bathe" the cheesecake mold in and I didn't have one of those so instead I just put my mold into a glass casserole dish and poured boiling water in  until the water was halfway up the mold. It sounded like it would work to me.

And it worked!! I was proud. This lady said that the easiest way to get the cheesecakes out of the mold is to freeze them for a few hours. Nice and frozen. Makes sense. So of course, after only one hour, I got them out.

Now. I took the mold out and carefully started getting the cheesecakes out, one by one. I took my sweet time so that I didn't break or deform anything. Things were going great...

I hadn't written on them at this point. This would come later but as you see, the writing was easy. After I got the purple cheesecake out, I started on the pink one when I heard this loud cry for help across the house.

I dropped what I was doing, got that instinctual pose where you bend your legs, put your arms out, get in a crouching ninja position, look back and forth and think "What do I do?! What do I do?!". You know that awkward moment? That was me. So I ran to where the cries were coming from, not knowing what to expect. I see Husband holding baby in the air, naked from the waist down (because he tore off his diaper during nap), poop in the crib, poop running down his leg, poop coming out of his butt, poop everywhere. I then assume the "What do I do?!" pose and in my best soldier voice yelled "BATHTUB!!"

We got him in the bath and all cleaned up, got the poopy crib stuff pulled up and replaced and then I was able to get back to my cheesecakes. It had been a good 20 minutes. Back to the pink...

Can you tell when "the poop" happened? They sat out too long and got soft. This is the point I decided to go ahead and write my conversation words.

Despite the mess, they tasted delicious!! Husband polished them off quickly.

I learned a few things.

1. Freeze them for more than an hour JUST in case of a poop accident.
2. Freeze them for more than an hour because that's what she said and she knows what she's talking about.
3. If there is emergency,  put the cheesecake back in the freezer FIRST! Then proceed to said emergency.
4. I learned that this cheesecake recipe is yummy.

If there are typos, my bad. Baby is all over me and I can't proofread. I'm not illiterate. I pwomise.

Worth a shot!

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