Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enchilada Lasagna

When I showed this picture to Husband and said "I want to make this enchilada lasagna!!!", he curled his nose up like a little kid and basically shot me down because it has the word "lasagna"<----which he hates.

This was about 2 months ago but I secretly kept this recipe in the vault for the future. At this point, I had never looked at the ingredients, I just thought it looked good. I tried a couple more times to get him to try it but he flatly refused each time. So closed minded.

Yet one day, when baby wasn't clinging to my neck and hitting me in the face with the books he wanted me to read, I was able to sit down and actually READ some of the directions of dishes I wanted to try. Lo and behold, this recipe was NOT a lasagna!! It was a completely mexican dish!!

I ran as fast as I could to Husband, pretending like I was Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Running as fast as I could with the golden ticket, with people in the hallway telling me "don't stop!! run all the way until you get home!!". Seriously!

I sat him down, explained to him that it was not a lasagna but in fact a tasty mexican treat and he gave in. Total defeat. Me-1, Husband-0.

He would end up thanking me in the end. We both gave this dish an 8. It was GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Instead of cutting up and cooking chicken, I boiled and shredded it. I prefer my chicken that way instead of chunks. Regardless of how you do your chicken, this dish will give your mouth chickenbumps. Ha, get it?!

Go and get it!

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