Sunday, January 13, 2013

Honey Cinnamon Banana

I noticed my tummy was pooching a little today and I attributed it to not eating enough fruit over the last month or so. Also to not exercising, eating like the world is going to end, stressing out, drinking Dr. Pepper all the time, binging on cookies when I'm tired, etc...

But mainly because I haven't eaten fruit. So I solved that problem today!! And lucky for you.

I like to think that since I'm educated that I know what's in my pantry. I knew I had honey. So I didn't put it on the grocery list because I knew we had it. I know everything. About everything. Did you know that the Kuiper belt is full of comets and is about 15 billion miles past the orbit of Pluto? See I told you.

When we got home and I cut up the bananas to slap cinnamon and honey on, I knew exactly where to look for the honey. First came the cinnamon and it smelled soooooooooo good. Now for the honey.

The trip to the grocery store a second time sucked because I had to park in the middle of nowhere and I saw 20 people I knew as I was in snotty clothes, a dusty hat and no make up. You're probably wondering if I ever look like a functioning piece of society. I do. Monday-Friday from 7:00-6:00.

Husband was smiling as I  finished drizzling the honey on and I have to say I was more impressed than he was but he still liked it. I on the other hand LOVED it!!

Baby? I gave him a piece and he gagged and puked a bit on his shirt.

It's simple:

And I know you'll like my new dishes. Anthropologie all the way baby.

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