Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brown Sugar Chicken Wings with Roasted Red Pepper

Although I have my favorite wing recipe, which I wrote about here, I'm always down to see if there is a recipe out there that can trump it. I believe this is my second attempt at something new. The original picture looks extremely tasty... (you will notice I am now too lazy to do my pictures side by side)

The sauce is what really perked my eyes up because it looks yummy and it is made from red peppers, which I love. LOVE. I also wanted to try this because unlike the wings I always make, these can just be put in the oven and you're done with it. With mine, after they bake, I put them in a skillet with extra seasoning stuff and top them off. But that's totally worth it because they're delicious.

Anyway, on to the results.

Once I got all the seasoning in the bowl, it was time to throw the wings in to coat them. I started out with trying to mix it all with a spoon but I gave up and just got down and dirty with my hands. For some reason, it was exhilarating tossing around raw chicken in a bowl of goodness!! It looked and smelled heavenly. Yet I found myself in a predicament when baby was adamant that I hold him so he started tugging on me and about pulled my pants down which would have rendered me helpless since my hands were filthy.

I stuck them in the oven and on to the sauce I went. This was extremely easy to make. I cut up the peppers, put them in a skillet to brown them up then put everything in the food processor and mixed it up. It didn't have NEAR as much flavor as I would have thought. It was actually kind of boring.

Wings were done, sauce was done, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand??

There was nothing fantastic about it. They were just ok. We agreed that they are not worth making again and I will just stick to my other wings. But of course, if you haven't had amazing wings (like mine), then these might be good to you but since I've had better, these didn't make the cut *insert scissor gesture here*

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