Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Vegan or not, this looks GOOD!!

Let me start by saying that this is attempt #2. Ummmmm, attempt #2 because although I am quite book smart, I have a common sense deficit.

The recipe calls for 5 ripe (yellow with brown spots) bananas and those are totally ew so I used 5 semi green bananas. I read over the recipe extremely quick (b/c that's how I get to do things with a needy toddler; extremely quick) and I remember it said to freeze the bananas. So I did. I plopped them in the freezer. I proudly announced to everyone that I was going to be making banana ice cream later!!

That night, I got the frozen bananas out and pulled up the directions. I learned I was supposed to peel and cut the bananas before putting them in the freezer. So I had fully frozen, fully unpeeled, fully uncut bananas sitting on the counter. My husband laughed at me and said "Really?"

A week later, I had new bananas. They got peeled, cut, and placed in the freezer last night. I pulled them out this morning, ready to make some yummy ice cream. The recipe said to put the bananas in, the vanilla in, then to start with 1 c. of the vanilla milk. Everything finally got blended together after about 10 minutes of shoving a fork into the blender to move stuff around.

The final product?


Back into the freezer it went. After about 2 hours, I scraped the top with my fingernail and it was nice and hard, ready to be scooped into beautiful, solid balls of ice cream.

I got the scoop.....

dug in.....

scraped for about 1 second......


The top collapsed in on the gooey center and smoothie remnants shot out of the bowl at super banana speed!! A few choice words spewed out as well  BUT I was able to form balls with the hard ice cream I had.

Too bad it kinda tasted like crap.

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